BUILD YOUR OWN: Giselle Box Forever Rose - Solid

Our Giselle Box holds 16 beautiful forever roses that last up to 3 years arranged in our elegant round box with our solid pattern. Our Giselle Box is a breathtaking statement piece that is sure to keep guests with their mouths agape every time they see it. The acrylic box offers a sleek and modern frame for our beautiful roses. With tons of customization options, you're sure to have the experience of a lifetime with this amazing floral arrangement.

Preserved roses are all natural roses carefully preserved to keep their natural beauty and color. Preserved roses are guaranteed to last a year but with proper care they can last up to 3 years or more!

Ohana Moments offers a boutique one on one customer service experience. For questions about our floral arrangements or to consult with our floral design expert, feel free to give us a call. All of our forever roses are available for nationwide shipping and we have Miami flower delivery available as well. 

Our Ohana Boxes are a perfect gift as well as a great home decor item. Perfect to use as dinner centerpieces as well.

Substitution Policy:

Roses and product options are on a first come first serve basis and quantities are limited. If any item is out of stock we will contact you and go over substitution options. 


  • Diameter:  8 inches
  • Height:      6 inches
First color
Classic Red
Dark Red Rose
Blush Pink Rose
Pink Rose
Hot Pink Rose
White Rose
Lavander Rose
Deep Purple Rose
Peach Rose
Peachy Coral Rose
Yellow Rose
Orange Rose
Light Blue Rose
Aqua Blue Rose
Rainbow Rose
Black Rose
Gold Metallic Rose
Silver Metallic Rose