Fresh Rose And Forever Rose Product Care

Forever Rose Product Care

Our Beautiful Forever Roses are preserved roses that have been gently painted to give you a beautiful and unique look. To maintain your Forever Rose Ohana Box as much as possible:  

  • Keep the Ohana box in a well air conditioned area
  • The Forever Rose has a coat that preserves them so there is no need to water them. Wetting them will damage them and also make them sad ( definitely do not want that)
  • We know your box is beautiful and it's hard to resist but try to avoid touching the petals harshly as it can make them wilt. 
  • If any dust accumulates, use a duster to gently wipe away any dust
  •  Also, Sing to them occasionally (why not, right?)


Fresh Roses

Our Fresh Roses are beautiful quality roses that will last 1-2 weeks. To maintain your Fresh Ohana Box:

  • Make sure to put these beauties in an area with a good amount of sunlight
  • Water should be filled every other day to maintain the color and beauty. (they can get pretty thirsty)
  • Also, Sing to them occasionally (why not?)