About Us

Ohana means family & families are bound together and must remember one another. That is the core of our belief. Our unique flower arrangements will help express that to any loved one.

We are a small family owned business in Miami, FL and proud parents of a little furball named Samwise B. Gamgee (Sam for short).

UPDATE!!!!!  On Friday, November 11, 2022 we were blessed with the arrival of our first born baby Levi! In an instant we became an Ohana (family) of 3.5 (.5 for our fur ball Sam). We have never been so happy and over the moon.


Most of our rose boxes are named after important women in our lives: sisters, mothers, aunts, besties and grandma's (abuelitas!). As we expand our collection, we will be giving you all an opportunity at having an Ohana Box named after you or someone you admire so please sign up for our newsletter to stay posted on new additions as well as give-aways.