Metallic Pink Forever Rose Box - Medium

Make an impression and get our most popular rose box delivered to your loved ones door. The Metallic Pink Forever Rose Box contains 16 Forever Preserved Roses (that last for years) and topped off with an oversized Preserved Rose Heart. Perfect to gift alone or pair with some sweet treats or their favorite drink or snack.

Need help and a little advice finding the perfect Rose Box? Our gift specialists are here to help, feel free to call, text or email if you have any questions or need help customizing a one of a kind hand crafted keepsake.

What are forever roses?

Forever roses are real roses preserved to last even over 3 years with proper care, which only takes a few seconds. Forever roses look, feel, and smell like real roses, because they are real roses. All Ohana Moments forever rose boxes are preserved using an all natural method, making our roses as environmentally friendly as they are breathtaking. 

Can you ship forever roses?

The answer is an absolute yes. Our forever roses are available for nationwide shipping and are carefully packaged and shipped right to your doorstep for you to enjoy!

Ohana Moments forever roses are custom crafted by hand, and are never pre-made or mass produced. This ensures that your roses are extremely fresh, last incredibly long, and are a one of a kind artisan creation created for you.

Forever Rose Substitution Policy:

Roses and product options are on a first come first serve basis and quantities are limited. If any item is out of stock we will contact you and go over substitions options. 


  • Length:   8 inches
  • Width:     8 inches
  • Height:    6 inches

Ohana is the best place for all luxury roses in a box! They are perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and any day in between. Hold on tight to all of life's special moments with an Ohana Box that will last for years and can be proudly displayed year round. Best thing is ALL our rose boxes are customizable in an endless amount of ways. Feel free to call or email or text us with any special requests 

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