January 18, 2021 2 min read

preserved gold roses


Love is in the air with Valentine's Day right around the corner! This year send gorgeous all natural roses that will last for years. We have a variety of different sizes and styles and best of all, all arrangements can be customized to be just perfect. Check out our special Valentine's Day Collection to see more.

We also ship nationwide with USPS (and hand deliver in our local South Florida area) so you can spread the love around! Surprise not just your significant other, but your momma, grandma, the bestie and anyone else on your list.  An Ohana Box is the sure fire, guaranteed way to bring a big smile and some sunshine to the day.

Need more gift ideas? We got you covered! Here are a few tiny but mighty gifts that are perfect to get through lockdown/quarantine, thoughtful, sweet and pair perfectly with an Ohana Box!

  • Wine, champagne, or whatever their favorite drink is 
  • Sweets! Lots & lots of sweets!!! Candy, Cupcakes, & Cakes the holy trifecta!
  • Comfy blankets/snuggies, clothes and socks. I can't recommend checking out Nudie Patootie enough!
  • A nice big mug or custom tumbler for coffee or tea. Check out Etsy for some awesome ones.
  • Jigsaw puzzles or coloring books to pass the time and they make a perfect stress reliever.
  • Tech gadgets like a Nintendo Switch, bluetooth speakers or cute headphones.
  • A spa kit! Head on over to Sephora or Marshalls and bundle up on beauty treatments like facial masks, jade rollers, beauty creams! You can bring the spa to them!

At the end of the day however, there really isn't a "Perfect" gift because we all love and appreciate so many different things. The one constant is the need or want to preserve that special moment and gift forever. And while we may not be able to capture a moment as perfectly as a picture, we sure can guarantee that our roses WILL last and will be a constant reminder of that special moment.

We wish you all a happy, beautiful, sweet and very loving Valentine's Day!

- The Ohana Team

Care Instructions for Preserved Roses

long lasting forever roses in hatbox


PS: Our luxury roses are THE perfect Valentines Roses for Valentine's Day. Our rose box are made of the highest quality acrylic which results in a super clear see through finish. Long lasting roses are available in a variety of colors (blue rose lovers I see you!) and some are even metallic roses.

If you have any questions or would like close up pictures of our luxury everlasting roses, feel free to send me a message !

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