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Are preserved roses real? Are they just dried roses? Are they silk? Do they really last? These are some of the most common questions we get asked at Ohana Moments. So here is a little bit more about them and the preservation process as well as a few great tips for decorating with your Ohana Box


"Why are preserved roses so expensive?"

We get this question a lot and we completely understand the sticker shock at first especially compared to fresh or silk roses. So let's nip this in the bud and address the elephant in the room.

red and pink ombre preserved forever roses that last a yearThese roses are all natural Ecuadorian roses and on average only 30%-50% of all the natural roses grown will meet the strict quality control in order to continue to the next process of preservation. They then go through an extensive three day long process where they are preserved in a natural non-toxic mixture (further information in the following question). This is a lengthy time with a lot of man power and hours around the clock involved in order to get the roses absolutely perfect. Then off to a very strict process of packing and handling and shipping to get to us safe and sound.

The benefits of preserved roses however more than warrant their price tag!

  • With roses lasting for years they beat out fresh flowers which typically last a week or less.
  • This means reduced waste and costs elsewhere. With their longer shelf life, it means less replacement and upkeep. Perfect for decorating restaurants, office spaces, hotel front desks and gathering areas. No more needing to constantly replace wilted flowers and watering.
  • With so many available colors and design patterns available, arrangements can be done to fit in perfect for any occasion or theme.
  • Because preserved roses last, they are not at the mercy of time. Arrangements can be made ahead of time and will still look fresh on the day of the event or occasion.

Blue preserved forever roses that last for years

"Are preserved roses real, dry or fake?"

Preserved Forever Roses are all natural real roses! They are grown in Ecuador which is world renowned for growing the most beautiful roses in the world. The roses are picked at their most perfect and then treated to a mix of glycerin and natural plant elements. This process takes three days and re-hydrates the rose while replacing the sap within. The results is the natural rose preserved in all its natural beauty and softness. For the unique colors like gold, silver and blues, those roses go through one more step of dying before they are ready to be showcased.


"How long do preserved roses really last for?"

Preserved roses are guaranteed to last a year but will definitely last three years or more if properly taken care for.  Luckily, taking care of these is simple - Never get them wet with any liquid and keep them away from direct sunlight as they can get dry and the colors will fade. The end....yes seriously that's it!

hello kitty red roses arrangement with preserved roses that last for yearsWhite preserved forever roses that last for years


"What colors do preserved roses come in?"

Preserved roses come in all the colors of the rainbow. They are available in all the natural rose colors as well as metallics like gold, silver and rose gold as well as two-toned and rainbows. 

With so many color options, you can have your favorite team colors designed, different patterns and even initials made with roses in a box. We have gift specialists always ready to help with custom options and designs so do not hesitate to reach out to us.

White, peach and gold preserved roses thats last for yearsRainbow Rosesred and pink forever roses that last for years


We hope this helps answer all of your questions! If you happen to have a question please feel free to contact us. For help with an order, we have gift specialists on hand via phone, email, text or web chat. You can also check out our contact page.

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