January 07, 2020 3 min read

The end of the year has finally arrived, and most people are looking forward to a clean start for 2020. Starting over is one of the many benefits of the new year, especially if you have a great group of friends and family by your side. From fantastic parties and girls’ nights out to birthdays and more, there are so many wonderful things to look forward to.

With that in mind, you may be looking for the perfect way to reward yourself and your besties for always being there by your side through the ups and the downs. At Ohana Moments, our beautiful all natural preserved flowers make the perfect gifts for your closest friends (and yourself!). These real roses that last a year are a great way to show how much you care, and your family and friends are sure to think of you every time they look at their beautiful Ohana Rose Box. We offer a variety of arrangements, all completely customizable! Browse our collections or customize your own arrangement from Ohana Moments today!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for You and Your Closest Friends

Spa Day / Nail Day

There’s no question that 2019 has been a very long and dramatic year for everyone, and a trip to the spa is just what the doctor ordered! Give yourself and best friend a gift certificate to your favorite spa where they can be spoiled rotten and pampered in one of the most relaxing environments known to (wo)man. The tension and stress of the past year will melt away with a massage or a relaxing facial and manicure. Make it a fun bonding experience where you both get to be treated like the beautiful goddess that you are.

Orange Roses Rose Box


Weighted Blanket 

This is our personal favorite! It may sound silly but a weighted blanket can show that you care about their health and wellbeing. Sleep is a vital part of your overall wellness, but many people suffer from sleep disorders, or simply have trouble reaching the deep sleep that their bodies need. Weighted blankets have become increasingly popular due to their ability to help relieve stress, as well as aid you in reaching deep sleep. The weight of the blanket slightly compresses your body, much like you would experience with a hug or deep touch pressure therapy. And who doesn't like hugs?

Chocolate, Candies & Sweets!

Let’s be honest — there is nothing we love more than chocolate, candies and all that sweet sugary goodness and what better way to show your closest friends how much you appreciate them than with a collection sweets? This delicious morsel comes in a variety of flavors and qualities, and for your friends, you want only the best. Pick out a few varieties of truffles from a local chocolate shop, and pair them with your favorite bottle of wine and an Ohana Rose Box for the perfect gift.

Treat Yourself & Your Besties With Ohana Moments

It’s important to have a solid support system and take time to care for your wellbeing. At Ohana Moments, we have Preserved Roses for every occasion. Choose between our collections such as jewelry boxes or metallic roses, or create a completely custom arrangement that is as unique as you are. These preserved flowers will last an entire year with proper care, making you and your friends smile everyday. Check out our collection and order your real roses that last a year® from Ohana Moments today! 

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