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If you have been searching for stunning ways to decorate your home or office and add pops of color, look no further than our spectacular arrangements at Ohana Moments. The modern, chic and elegant look of these arrangements make them the perfect way to accessorize and accent any room of your home or office and enjoy beautiful, vibrant roses all day long for years! We offer Nationwide next day delivery as well as local hand delivery in South Florida! 


Meet the Ohana Family of Arrangements

We feature six unique arrangements in various shapes and sizes and all can be completely customizable and personalized to your tastes. With our extensive collection, you can be sure to find the perfect arrangement at any budget.

  • The Aldi - This arrangement features 24 beautiful preserved roses and is our largest and most stunning. Perfect for gifting and decorating around the home or office.
  • The Faye - Our largest round arrangement, The Faye features 21 stunning roses. Perfect for celebrating anniversaries and birthdays (or to finally dress up that dining table of yours!)
  • The Elle - Named after my sister, The Elle Box contains 16 roses that last for years and is available with a built in drawer. Perfect for storing jewelry, trinkets or candies and sweets! Beauty and Function all rolled into one.
  • The Gisele - Featuring 16 gorgeous Roses that last for years, this arrangement is one of our most popular yet.
  • The Meli - Containing 12 of our natural preserved roses that last for years, this arrangement makes the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends or colleagues.
  • The Lisi - Display 6 lovely preserved roses in a variety of colors. Perfect for gifting and decorating around your office space, kitchens and bathrooms. Our smallest arrangement makes for the perfectly sweet surprise sure to put a smile on their face.

Why choose an Ohana Flower Box Arrangement?

Now that you've been formally introduced to our collection of Rose Boxes, lets go into what makes these rose arrangements so unique and special!

Natural Long-Lasting Beauty

Each of our arrangements are made from the highest quality Ecuadorian long lasting preserved roses. These roses are gathered at their prime and treated with a unique procedure to preserve the rose and its vibrant color. The results: beautiful, all natural roses that last for years with proper care with no worry of wilting, shrinking and wrinkling. Enjoy the look for fresh roses through the years!

Customized & Personalized Arrangements

Whatever your look, theme, design and style preferences are, we are sure we can design the arrangement of your dreams. With a variety of colors to choose from ranging from the classic reds and pinks to the bold blues and luxurious gold roses, we have all your design needs covered.

Strong, Modern & Durable Container

If you have ever received roses, chances are they were sent in an outdated glass vase which you have 12 others under the cabinet sink. At Ohana Moments, we specialize in modern and unique flower and rose containers. Our clear collection is a more modern and chic box that protects the delicate roses inside while looking elegant around the home. The box is durable and made from the highest quality acrylic which offers an open exposed view of their natural beauty.

Form and Function, Style and Substance

Apart from having a flower arrangement that will last you for years, all available to be custom tailored to your design needs, our special Elle Rose Box can be upgraded to include a built in drawer for storage. Perfect for storing away make up, sweets and all kinds of jewelry (we honestly have one in our kitchen storing coffee pods!). 


We hope this information has been helpful and you have all the information needed to make an informed purchase. Please look through our store and collections and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our luxurious rose box arrangements.


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