January 24, 2022 1 min read

valentines day romantic dinner with preserved forever roses that last for years
This Valentine's Day why not celebrate at home? You can accomplish a gorgeous romantic setting at home with minimal effort, have all the privacy you would need, not have to worry about reservations and all while staying safe! 
First things first...set up an area in the house you would like to decorate. Keep things cozy and beautifully lit. Add some candles around and dim the lights. If you are a master chef in the kitchen, cook up a storm of all your favorites. If you can barely cook toast, no fear! Hit up a food delivery service or pick up dinner straight from your local restaurant. 
Valentine's Day rose box with forever roses that last for years
Now with the perfect romantic ambience and delicious food it is time to
decorate the space with balloons, candies and of course ROSES! Fresh Roses or Preserved Forever Roses that last for years, we have it all. With rose boxes of all shapes and sizes at affordable prices, ou can't go wrong. Perfect for decorating that coffee table, the kitchen and just about anywhere.
Check out our Forever Roses Valentine's Collection and if you are in the Miami-Dade area, we also offer the most beautiful fresh Ecuadorian roses around.
Want to learn more about our roses that last for years? Check out our blog and our product care page for more info.

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