Hot Blue Summer Forever Rose Box - Medium

Our Hot Blue Summer box contains 16 blue Forever Roses (that last for years) in an ombre design of different shades of blue. Perfect to gift alone or pair with some sweet treats or their favorite trinkets. This is the absolute dream gift for any lover of the color blue!

Need help and a little advice finding the perfect Forever Rose Box? Our gift specialists are here to help, feel free to call, text or email if you have any questions or need help customizing a one of a kind rose box.

All of our jaw-dropping forever roses and fresh rose arrangements are custom made by hand and never pre-made or mass produced. This boutique style buying experience ensures that your forever rose box is always super fresh, lasts super long, and is a one of a kind breathtaking experience.

Forever roses last even over 3 years with proper care, which is extremely minor and only takes a few moments. Forever Roses do not need sunlight or water, and our forever roses can be shipped nationwide.

Substitution Policy:

Roses and product options are on a first come first serve basis and quantities are limited. If any item is out of stock we will contact you and go over substitution options. 


  • Length:   8 inches
  • Width:     8 inches
  • Height:    6 inches

Ohana is the best place for all luxury roses in a box! They are perfect for Valentine's Day flowers, Mother's Day flowers, and any occasion in between. Hold on tight to all of life's special moments with an Ohana Box that will last for years and can be proudly displayed year round. Best thing is ALL our rose boxes are customizable in an endless amount of ways. Feel free to call or email or text us with any special requests 

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