White Rose Flowers Meaning

Flowers are a popular gift for loved ones, but not all flowers are created equal. The meaning behind different flowers can give you insight into the depth of their significance to those who receive them. White roses flowers have had quite the history up until now, and have been favorites for centuries. The meaning of white roses is a bit different than most flowers though.

White flower meaning

1) A promise to be faithful

A lover will give you white roses to symbolize a promise to stay with you forever. The white petals represent the purity of love, which you will never have to worry about breaking. The white rose symbolizes the virtues and integrity of a person, along with the beauty of your beloved's character. Couples will often exchange white roses on their wedding day, knowing that they will make it because of the purity of their commitment to one another.

2) Represent innocence

The white rose represents innocence, purity, and honor. White flowers often represent the innocence of a child or young maiden. If a woman wears white roses on her wedding day, she is saying that she wants to be pure and innocent. White roses may also be seen arranged in a vase to symbolize the immortality of idealized love. Those who arrange their white roses for others will oftentimes be looking for perfect love that never ends, which the flowers represent.

3) A promise to always love each other

The white rose is an everlasting flower and can symbolize that love that will never end. Those who present a lover with a bouquet of white roses are promising to love the person forever. If you give someone the gift of a white rose, you are showing them that they mean more than anything to you and that you will never leave their side. The flowers represent vitality, health, peace, and harmony.

4) A symbol of purity

Being presented with white roses tells you that you are pure, untouched, and filled with innocence. The white rose has always been a symbol of purity in both the Christian and secular world. Those who are working to be purer will often consider pairing white flowers with yellow ones to show their commitment to the purity of their goal.

5) Express faith in the future

White roses are also a symbol of faith and are often seen placed in the church. The white roses represent the promise that the future will be brighter than the present and that God will watch over them until they find their perfect mate. Christians may also use the white rose as a symbol of faith, as it is often found in Catholic belief systems.

6) Indicate bonding and unity

If you are a couple, then the white rose that you give to your mate will symbolize the unity of your souls. White roses also symbolize strength and solidarity. You may give a bouquet of white roses to a friend or family member who is struggling with illness or disability. The flowers represent the hope that their condition will improve, and that they will soon be healthy again. Those who have been ill may choose to wear white roses in their hair as they recover, as they are also a symbol of health and vitality.

7) Forgiveness

The white rose has been a symbol of forgiveness for centuries. Those who wear a white rose in their hair or give it to a friend know that they will have the strength and courage to forgive their enemies for their past mistakes. The flowers represent the ability to overcome all obstacles and to forgive those who have hurt them in the past.

8) Eternal friendship in love and war.

Those who send a single white rose to a friend, who is currently deployed in war zones, will show their willingness to stand by them and look out for each other. They know that their friend will always be there for them no matter what and that they have the true friendship of a lifelong bond. This is one of the most sentimental gifts you can give someone, as it shows not only that you care about someone deeply, but also that you trust them enough to do whatever is necessary to get them home safely.

9) A tribute to a loved one

White roses have always been a favorite flower of those who have passed away. The flowers are usually worn in the hair by loved ones to show that they are still with their family and friends. White roses are one of the more sentimental gifts that you can give someone, and represent the love that they had for their family and friends.

10) Respect

White roses are often used to show respect for someone who has done something for you. Those who present a loved one with white roses know that they will always be respectful and grateful for what the person has done for them. They may also give white roses to a business associate, thanking them for helping them improve their company or product. The flowers also represent nobility and can be given as a sign of gratitude or respect to someone of high social status, such as kings or queens.

11) Welcome

If someone is new in town, then one of the first gifts that you can give them is a bouquet of white roses. You will show them that they are welcome in your town and that you want to make their stay as comfortable as possible; the flowers represent hope and joy for those who are new to a community. Those who have just moved into a new home may choose to give white roses to their neighbors, thanking them for welcoming them into their neighborhood.

Giving someone a white rose can be a gesture of many different things, depending on the situation. Therefore, take a close look at the different symbols and meanings the flower has and be sure that you are giving the right meaning. When you know what the flower means, then it will be easier for you to give out that perfect white rose to someone else. Consequently, you don't have to worry about whether your loved one will like the present or not.