Tips to consider when buying roses


Roses are one of the most popular flowers to use in arrangements. There is a wide variety of different types of rose flowers available, each with their own particular characteristics and attributes. Using the wrong type of rose for an arrangement can lead to a poorly arranged floral display.

Tips to consider when buying roses

1. Quality is key

Roses must have the best quality of flower stems and can only be used in arrangements if they have a good colour, fragrance and overall shape. The colour of the flower stem will determine whether it is suitable for an arrangement or not. Rose meaning is important because it gives the customer an idea of what sort of arrangement they can create with particular rose type.

2. Prices

Not all roses are the same price, and there can be a vast difference in price depending on the type of rose you purchase. For example a rose that is preserved through dipping in formaldehyde will be much cheaper than one that has been preserved using the more expensive glycerin. Furthermore the best roses are available at engagement and wedding flowers suppliers, however they are also the most expensive.

3. Freshness of Roses

Roses begin to wilt within two days after being cut from the stem; it is best to buy them one day before an arrangement is due to be made. This provides for a longer period for the roses to be arranged and for the arrangement to be completed before they start showing signs of wilting. For five year anniversary gifts , fresh roses should be used.

4. Fragrance

Roses do not produce the same scent when they are cut or dried, so it is important to ensure that the rose smells just as good when they are taken out of their containers as they did when they had first been delivered. This can be achieved through having fresh flowers and by actually smelling them before arranging the arrangement. Young and fresh smelling flowers will also increase the overall quality of an arrangement.

5. Time they last

There is a wide variety of roses available and they can last different lengths of time, however their usual life span is between three and five months. When looking at either fresh or preserved roses it is important to take note on how long the rose will last before it starts to wilt. When buying for five yeas anniversary gift, you should buy fresh cut roses.

6. Container they be placed in

The container the rose will be placed in can have a major effect on how often it needs changing and how long it will last. For example a container with a low capacity will see the roses being placed in and out often, where as a large capacity container will be less likely to need changing. Likewise the container will have an effect on how long each rose lasts; placing them in a large container that can hold more may allow for more roses to last longer.

7. Maintenance

Even if you have bought the perfect rose, it will still last for a shorter time if it is not maintained. This can include changing the container and water regularly as well as changing the flowers to maintain their appearance and freshness. Roses in the below range can be use d as a gift in an anniversary.

8. When buying roses, always follow the instructions

Roses come with specific instructions on how they should be arranged, and if these are followed correctly then they will last longer. Take note of the water and container that is recommended for the roses; this will affect how often they need changing and how long each one lasts.

9. Colors of roses

There are a wide variety of different colored roses available, and each one of these have their own particular characteristics. When looking for the perfect rose for an arrangement it is important to know what colors work best together.

Flowers can be used as five anniversary gift because they represent love and dedication. Roses have been used for this purpose for many centuries because of the number of colors and varieties available, as well as their magnificent aromatic perfume. They are also associated with romance and beauty due to the fact that they are so eye-catching. Furthermore , the process of making a flower arrangement can be very calming and pleasant, which is a perfectly fitting anniversary gift to give.

1. In the mid-range price bracket

This group consists of the following types of roses: Albas, Old Maggies and Pompons. These are all recommended for arrangements, both flower and foliage. In addition to this they are all suitable for arrangements throughout the five year anniversary gift life span.

2. Premium range

This group comprises of the following types of roses: Hybrid Teas, English Roses and Grandifloras. These roses are all suitable for floral displays; this group therefore makes up the best outcomes from buying roses. This group of roses also lasts at least five years, and in many cases more than that.

3. Budget range

This group consists of the following types of roses: Edelweiss, Primroses and Three-fold lisianthus. These roses are suitable for flower arrangements, but they all have a shorter life span than the rose in the mid-range price bracket. In addition they are not suitable for floral displays, but instead they can be used in bedroom cushions or as centerpieces at a summer barbecue.


Roses are one of the most popular flowers that can be used for either a short term or long term arrangement. They are available in different varieties and each one lasts a different length of time, however, even the best roses will last for a shorter amount of time if their maintenance is not followed correctly. It is important to know that you may need to change the container and water regularly as well as replacing the flowers to maintain their freshness. When in need of roses Ohana moments is the best place to go because they have a wide variety of hight quality products. They can be purchased for both home and business use.