It’s 2021, Time for the Men in our Lives to experience the amazing gift of Roses in a box!

We women know the thrill, exhilaration and complete surprise and feeling of adoration when a surprise delivery of roses comes to our door/office. This got me thinking how men would feel receiving a box of forever roses as well.

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of men buy flowers for their partners on Valentine’s Day. The vast majority of men choose flowers over other gift ideas like chocolate and jewelry.

But the same study showed that most women do not choose to buy flowers for their partners on Valentine’s Day. Instead, they often decide to go with gifts like chocolate, weekend getaways, and clothing and tech gadgets.

 In the recent few years I have noticed that a few Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day arrangements were ordered and it seems to be an upward trend. So I went on a little social media search and apparently many men responded positively to getting flowers as gifts.

So why not gift a little differently and surprise that special man/babe/mensch/hottie with a box of our long lasting Forever Roses which will as long as your love.

Here are a few good reasons why roses in a box would make a great gift.


They’re Different, Unique & Unexpected

Once you’ve been with your man for a while, you kind of run out of gift ideas. You’ve already done the colognes, the ties, the razors, wallets, shaving kits, air pods…..

 The last thing they are expecting would be a box of roses (and pair it with a video game they like or a nice dinner)! Our long lasting roses come in a diverse variety of colors so a box of roses in the color of his favorite sports team would blow his mind. Have a cigar aficionado? How about a custom rose box of golden roses to go with the humidor aesthetic? The possibilities are endless and roses are for EVERYONE!

They Work Well for Almost Any Occasion

Rose boxes are not just for Valentine’s Day either. They work for all occasions. Could be your anniversary or to celebrate a promotion. With our Forever Roses in a box, there is ZERO maintenance! No water or sunlight required. Let a man experience the amazing feeling of being appreciated and loved and send a special deliver of Forever Roses. We hand deliver locally in the Miami/Broward County area and offer nationwide USPS delivery! 

They Bring a Nice Touch to the Inside of a Home or Office!

 Let’s be honest here, most men do not even think about decorating their spaces. If they just had a sofa and a bed in the house, they live contently. So why not send them the gift of roses in a box customized to their favorite colors or to match whatever decor they currently have.

Not only is it thoughtful and practical, but the Forever Roses will always remind him of you every time they walk by. A great daily remainder that he is loved and appreciated.

In conclusion….