Are the Forever Roses real Roses?

- Yes, they are aged roses that have been preserved and gently painted to give it that beautiful color.

How long does the Forever Rose last?

- 3+ years with proper care. See Product Care for more details. 

Can I customize my own Ohana Box?

- Yes, definitely! You can choose between different patterns, colors, and sizes and even add extras to give it that personal touch. 

Can I write a personal note?

- Yes, you receive a personal note with every Ohana Box. 

How long do our Fresh Ohana Boxes last?

- Our Fresh Boxes are exactly that, made with Fresh Ecuadorian roses, so they last 1-2 weeks with proper care. See Product Care for details.

What is the material of our box?

- Our boxes are made of the highest quality clear acrylic, it also includes a lid for safekeeping and item storage.